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Center Mounted Bi-Directional Ballast Plow


Here at Montana Hydraulics we know that optimal track conditions rely heavily on ballast distribution and maintenance which is why our engineers work tirelessly to create innovative solutions which can provide a safer, more efficient and cost-effective means of placing ballast.  After 18 months of engineering and 4 built prototypes we are proud to introduce our center mounted bi-directional ballast plow designed specifically for increased safety and efficiency when distributing ballast.


  • Can be deployed or retracted by one person from either side of the car- previous plows required two people
  • Eliminates the need for a regulator to operate behind the train freeing the equipment to perform other work
  • Eliminates the need to handle drag ties which increases safety dramatically
  • Moves excess rock out to a width of 9’6″-the widest in the industry
  • Rail tamping equipment with minimal ground clearance such as the  6700 tamper can follow a rock train and begin tamping with no other equipment needed to clear the rock off the track

The plow is designed to screet off ballast level with the top of the rail and move excess rock out to the edge of the ties where it can be used in elevating the track. Please view the video for a better understanding.

Specifications of our railway ballast plow are detailed below:

  • Utilizes existing Hydraulic power
  • Fully integrated controls with non-interfering power beyond
  • Positive down pressure during unloading
  • Positive Lock for Travel
  • Within Plate C during transport
  • Manual Releases for Safety Lock from either side
  • Lock Automatically Engages when plow is raised
  • Weld on or Bolt on application
  • Kit Weight – 1980 lbs

Our center mounted bi-directional ballast plow was designed to save you time, energy and money. We strive to design and manufacture equipment and systems that will make your jobs easier. We are excited to watch our plow work for you.

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