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Designing and Manufacturing Custom Solutions


Here at Montana Hydraulics we have the capability to design and manufacture specialized equipment to customer specifications. As a custom manufacturer, we are experienced in building solutions to meet a variety of needs for a diverse number of industries – construction, rail road, forestry, mining, utility companies and government agencies to name a few. Our CNC machine shop is adept at producing complex parts with extensive capabilities in building and repairing hydraulic cylinders, as well as performing various modifications to railroad equipment.

We are one of the premier custom manufacturers offering specialized equipment for a variety of industries. Some of our regularly produced specialized equipment include:

Milling Machines
Increase your production by up to 100% and reduce labor costs by 50%.
Visit our subsidiary Round Wood Systems to Learn More.

Mesh Benders
Custom built for the concrete industry. View product images.

Aerospace Products
We are a custom manufacturer with the capabilities to produce custom aerospace tooling.
View product images.

Rotating Bucket
We manufacture buckets and a large range of other attachments designed to meet most of your excavation equipment requirements.
Visit our subsidiary Felco Industries to learn more. 

Tarp Roller
We have the capabilities to manufacture custom tarp rollers to meet any specifications.
View Our Custom products

Custom CNC components
Replacement Door Bearings, Knife Plate, Bucket Axis.
See More Custom Components

Custom Cylinders
We offer cylinders for a broad range of machines and industries; custom built to suit specific applications. Learn More.

The Ballast Plow
This plow took 18 months of engineering and 4 built prototypes before reaching the final product.
Learn More. 

Plain and simple, we specialize in custom manufacturing. With highly skilled, trained machinists and state-of-the-art, multi-axis machining centers, we are capable of building specialized equipment, competitively priced, for any industry. In the sea of custom manufacturers we are the proven, trusted choice.

Questions regarding our custom manufacturing and specialty equipment?
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