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Adding Value with Engineering Design Experience


Engineering and Design - Matt WarringtonRecently hired Mechanical Engineer, Matt Warrington brings not only engineering experience to our Montana Hydraulics team, but adds value to our team and to our clients and your future projects.

Earning his BS of Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University in Bozeman, Matt brings engineering experience in product design so your pre-engineered products can be brought from concept to completion. Now having the experience to produce 3D renderings, calculate product specific capabilities and ratings, to bringing products from a sketch to a tangible, visual 3D rendering, Montana Hydraulics and new engineer Matt Warrington can engineer and produce your long awaited 3D models and prototypes.

Montana Hydraulics is very pleased to welcome Matt and his wife Brittany to our family.


From concept to completion & from paper to tangible 3D renderings. Montana Hydraulics can dramatically reduce your current design production times. Using computer aided 3D renderings, Matt and the MH team can provide you with prototypes using a variety of materials without the added expenses of creating 3D molds and utilizing CNC milling to produce visuals. These computer rendered files can be used for concept studies to marketing without having to produce machine based prototypes with the added cost; although we can also help with machine-based prototypes when the time arrives. Having on site CNC tooling and production machines, we have the ability to produce the prototypes right here at Montana Hydraulics – helping you make your prototypes and end products a reality.


Reduce manufacturing errors and costs with accurate technical drawings and 3D renderings. An accurate presentation of a product can provide a professional, properly conveyed idea eliminating costly errors due to unclear drawings. With accurate drawings and 3D renderings of a product, you can identify the smallest of details making sure product alignment is perfect for assembly. These renderings are also beneficial for allowing your marketing team to be a step ahead before your product is even in production.


Ask the right questions : forecast any possible issues, and list the product and consumer requirements.
Research : Costs, Capabilities and Solutions by scouring all available information related to the product and possible problems.
Test : Seek your best solution by testing multiple variations and listing pros and cons.
Solve : When the final solution arrives – refine it through continual testing.
Produce : Finalize materials, tooling, and product design specifics.

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