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Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

Industrial Grade Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

Rugged. Reliable. Safe.

As a veteran hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Montana Hydraulics knows the importance of designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders that can operate successfully under harsh conditions. The diverse industries we serve: mining, logging, construction, and railroad to name a few; require it.

Which is why we offer top quality, industrial grade hydraulic cylinders, built for superior performance, durability, and reliability. Our cylinders are built with integral valves (counter balance, locking, pressure relief) welded to the cylinder as opposed to many who bolt the valve body to the cylinder. This makes our cylinders extremely safe and reliable.

Custom cylinder designs utilize both electric and pilot pressure controlled systems as well as integrate replaceable cartridge type valves. We offer cylinders for a broad range of machines and industries; custom built to suit specific applications.

    • Cylinders from 1-1/2” bore to 14” bore.
    • Large, custom cylinders- up to168″ of stroke
    • Various valves including hold valves, lock valves and counter balance valves integrated into cylinder design for increased safety and reliability.
    • Unlimited rod and tube configurations, including but not limited to:


At Montana Hydraulics, we are perfectionists and it shows. Our cylinders are always:

      •  Made with high quality alloys and seals
      • Honed after welding to ensure true round bore
      • Painted to customer specifications
      • Tested with test reports always available
      • Built to exceed OEM specifications

Regardless of size, mounting configuration, or quantity, we have the tooling, personnel, and engineering to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders that can best serve your business. In the competitive market of hydraulic cylinders manufacturers we are the proven, trusted choice.

We also offer:
Hydraulic Cylinder Design
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Questions regarding our Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Capabilities?
In the large market of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, Montana Hydraulics is the proven choice. Call our company at 877.449.3464 or click the button below.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer