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Montana Hydraulics is a name synonymous with hydraulic cylinders on a global scale. Our success with such diverse clientele is testament to our reliable and quality hydraulic cylinders design. Our customers are in the agriculture, railroad, forestry, oil & gas, mining, military and naval, marine and shipyard machinery, heavy equipment and trucking, construction, and industrial equipment industries.  Our quality, lasting cylinders are a key component to keeping the various operations of the industries we serve running smoothly and efficiently.

Military Hydraulic Cylinders Oil & Gas Industry
We have a comprehensive offering of custom hydraulic cylinders for water, gas and oil drilling industries. We provide our drilling customers with proven, quality hydraulic cylinders that will perform in the field for years. Read More…
Oil & Gas Hydraulic Cylinders Military & Government
We are proud to provide high quality hydraulic cylinders for various military and government applications and support our country’s defense systems.
Mining Hydraulic Cylinders Mining
We design and provide durable, strong cylinders able to withstand the extreme conditions and meet the demanding expectations placed on mining and rock crushing cylinders.
Agriculture Hydraulic Cylinders Agriculture
Our cylinders help ensure equipment performance during the critical planting and harvesting seasons.
Construction Hydraulic Cylinders Earth Moving & Construction
Construction & Earth moving equipment demands rugged, powerful and dependable hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinders are designed to withstand the rigors of the construction and earth moving industry.
Logging Hydraulic Cylinders Forestry & Logging
The physical environment of the forestry and logging industry as well as the loading requirements are extremely taxing for hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinders are field proven to perform under these difficult conditions.

Whatever the industry, whatever the application, you can be assured that our high quality hydraulic cylinders will be up to the challenge.

Each cylinder is coated to customer specifications, constructed with high quality alloys and seals, and manufactured to OEM standards. With our proven reputation for designing and providing quality, reliable hydraulic cylinders for a diverse array of industries, we are the trusted choice for your hydraulic cylinder needs.

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