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Railcar Repair & Maintenance


We believe that quality maintenance and repair is of utmost importance to the life of your railcars, which is why we repair, modify and rebuild railcars and railcar components with quality and integrity. When you simply need a part, we manufacture custom parts to your specifications.

Our 22,000 sq ft of shop space offers multiple CNC machining centers and excellent fabrication capabilities making us your one stop shop for rail car repair. We are willing to  complete onsite repairs when necessary or simply more convenient. Our maintenance, repair, and rebuild capabilities include:

Hydraulic Reservoir Tank Building & Repair
In need of a hydraulic reservoir repair on an existing tank? Rather buy a new one? We are capable of repairing your reservoir tanks and or building one from the ground up.

Hopper Repair
We have the welding and fabrication team ready to get your hopper welded back together. Whether it be worn seems, cracks or breaks we have the capabilities and expertise to get your hopper welded back together and back on track.

Rail Wheel Reconditioning
Montana Hydraulics offers a rail wheel reconditioning procedure consisting of a submerged arc weld build up followed by CNC machining of the wheel contour. Typical applications include narrow gauge mine railroads and railroad MOW equipment.

Replacement Door Bearings
Old, worn out bearings can equal lost time and money. Replacement door bearings are OEM parts with improved alloy components, grease-able, and heavy duty built.

We strive to keep your railcars running optimally with quality maintenance, repair and custom made parts with an attention to detail that is unmatched anywhere.

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