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Montana Hydraulics is known for two strengths: design innovation and field services expertise. We have designed and built numerous machines for our Class I customers and consider each new idea an opportunity to provide safer and more effective tools for railroads worldwide.

Bi-Directional Ballast Plow:
Why be stuck with a plow faced the wrong way?  The Montana Hydraulics Bi-Directional Ballast Plow eliminates extra time and machinery during ballast delivery.  An exclusive design allows the plow to automatically shift blade positions for either direction.  It’s powered by a 12v solar charged hydraulically actuated system.  Positive locking mechanisms ensure safety in travel and a floating mode during plowing. 
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Field Services Unit:
Our Field Services Unit provides mobile service, repair, and operating practices for a variety of MoW equipment.  We specialize in ballast and side dump cars of all types.

For over 15 years, Montana Hydraulics’ Field Services Unit has worked for a western Class I railroad delivering superior results.  With over 15 full time Service Technicians, our mobility allows us to travel the entire railroad property and often to each customer quarry source.  Over 1100 private and railroad MoW cars are managed throughout the year.  We deliver a safer working environment, more productive and efficient equipment, and reliability beyond compare.

If you want more equipment using less track time, our Field Services might be right for you.  Call us today to find out more.
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