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Maintenance of Way | Maintenance of Way Equipment

Railroad MOW Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining Equipment Longevity

We know that maintenance of way (MOW) machinery is of paramount importance in keeping the world’s railroads safe, dependable and profitable. The volume of goods transported by rail continues to increase, taxing existing track with more traffic and heavier loads, in turn requiring increased maintenance and repair. Maintenance of Way equipment makes it possible to upgrade and maintain track and rights of way.

Making sure your MOW equipment is maintained properly and working flawlessly is vital; which is where we come into play. Montana Hydraulics specializes in the repair, maintenance and manufacturing of MOW equipment and parts.

 Manufacturing: We manufacture and maintain a complete inventory of replacement, high quality cylinders built for all major brands of railroad MOW equipment. Application specific hydraulic cylinders are available for ribbon rail handling systems. We offer tunnel car cylinders, TKO extractor box assemblies upgraded from the original OEM box and TKO center pivot cylinders.

Repair & Maintenance: We routinely repair and rebuild hydraulic cylinders and track replacement cylinders as well as perform various modifications to railroad equipment. We strive to keep your equipment working optimally which is why we recommend servicing your equipment at regular intervals.

Railroad profitability requires dependable, safe track which is made possible with maintenance of way equipment. Allow us to help you keep your equipment running smoothly through timely maintenance, repair, and the quick supply of in house parts.

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Maintenance of Way Equipment Replacement & Repair