Montana Hydraulics is a family-owned manufacturing and service company with shop operations in Helena and Townsend, Montana. We offer high quality machine shop services including CNC machining, fabrication, custom manufacturing. Our Railroad Services and Products provide Class I railroads with progressive, smart solutions. The railroad ballast distribution systems we design and build, including our center mounted bi-directional ballast plow and our “Bobcat” sliding tarp covering system currently in use on ballast cars, are considered a staple of dependability.

The Montana Hydraulics reputation for consistently delivering outstanding quality and customer service is found in everything we do. A wide variety of customers in many industries rely on us to perform for them every day. We serve businesses in mining, construction, underground utilities, railroad MoW and support, timber processing machinery, waste management and aerospace tooling.

Montana is host to a wide range of unforgiving conditions. With our livelihoods on the line, we always turn to Montana Hydraulics‘ custom parts to withstand the pressures of harsh Montana weather conditions, and heavy use and abuse.

Our clients know that we understand the extreme conditions under which they are expected to perform and the quality of product needed to meet those needs.

Our large, technologically advanced, machine shop and fabrication capabilities enable us to manufacture equipment for extreme conditions and requirements. With sixty years combined experience and a proven history of high quality, dependable products manufactured in the US, our clients trust that we can and will meet their needs.

Established in 1998, Montana Hydraulics LLC, has grown from exclusively manufacturing cylinders and hydraulics to a diverse customer base including mining. construction. underground utilities. railroads. timber processing machinery, waste management and aerospace tooling.

Montana Hydraulics is committed to customer satisfaction and will go above and beyond to give you the highest quality work on every job. We listen to your needs and are always receptive to change and innovation.

By utilizing a Montana manufacturer, you support American, Montana made products. We use American parts and materials, and all manufacturing happens right here, at our shops in Helena and Townsend.